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Birthday Party Packages

Host your next Birthday Party at our Bowling Alley and with our kiddy party packages you can enjoy a birthday unlike any other!

Double Whammy 

Introducing the "Double Whammy Package" – where the bowling fun comes in pairs and the laughter is served with a side of striking delights! 🎳🍕

🌟 Two Times the Bowling Bliss:

Kids, brace yourselves for not one but TWO rounds of pin-crushing, strike-inducing bowling madness! It's a double dose of excitement as the alleys light up with the sound of crashing pins and victorious cheers.

🍕 Pizza Perfection:

Our birthday VIPs don't just bowl, they feast! Dive into a delicious small pizza, carefully chosen to satisfy even the pickiest little palates. From cheese lovers to pepperoni enthusiasts, everyone gets a slice of birthday joy.


❄️ Slush Puppy Cool-Down:

After the first round of strikes, cool down with a refreshing Slush Puppy – the perfect icy treat to beat the bowling heat. Sip, slurp, and let the brain freezes become the stuff of legendary birthday tales!


🍿 Popcorn Popularity:

No celebration is complete without a dash of cinematic magic! Enjoy a crunchy serving of popcorn during the break, because what's a movie – or a bowling break – without this classic snack?



🎳🍕 Bowling Bonanza Schedule:

  1. Round 1 - The Pin Prelude:

    • 1 round of non-stop bowling fun - You will start the fun with your first round of bowling which will take roughly about about an hour.

  2. Intermission - Pizza Palooza:

    • 1 hour to refuel with scrumptious pizza, Slush Puppies, and popcorn - After all the part goers are done with their first round, everyone will take a break and sit down in our designated seating area to eat their choice of a small pizza.

  3. Round 2 - The Strike Sequel:

    • Round two of bowling, because one round is never enough! - Once everyone is done eating, everyone will get to play their second round of bowling to finish out the party.

Book the "Double Whammy Package" now and let the birthday festivities roll, strike, and snack their way to unforgettable memories at Beyond Bowling! 🎉🎳🍕

The Double Whammy Package includes the following:​

  • 2 x Bowling Games (2 rounds per kid)

  • 1 x Small Pizza (Specific choice)

  • 1 x Slush Puppy

  • 1 x Popcorn

Short & Sweet

Presenting the "Short and Sweet Package" – where the thrill of the strike meets the delight of delicious bites! 🎳🍕

🎳 Bowling Blitz:

Kick off the celebration with a single, action-packed round of bowling. Strikes, spares, and laughter guaranteed – it's a game-changer for the ultimate birthday bash!

🍕 Pizza Perfection:

Take a break from the lanes and savor the goodness of a small pizza, carefully chosen from our specific options. From cheesy wonders to pepperoni delights, it's a pizza party that suits every taste bud.

❄️ Slushy Sensation:

Wash down the fun with a Slush Puppy – the perfect icy companion to keep the cool vibes rolling. Sip, play, and repeat for a celebration that's as refreshing as it is entertaining.

The Short & Sweet Package includes the following:​

  • 1 x Bowling Game 

  • 1 x Small Pizza (Specific choice)

  • 1 x Slush Puppy

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