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Corporate Package 

Considering having your company function at our Venue? Then look no further, Bowling provides the perfect activity to get your employees to bond and unwind while creating a bit of healthy competition between peers.

Our Corporate Package includes:

  • 2 Rounds of Bowling

Your team will play two full games back to back which basically translates into 40 turns per player, this package also reserves a 3 hour time slot on the lanes so your team can take their time playing

  • A Welcome Cocktail (Alcoholic/Non Alcoholic)

A choice of Blue Raspberry/Strawberry/Passion Fruit/Lemon & Lime cocktail with a shot of your choice of alcohol to spice it up or without should you so desire. You can also opt for a choice of Beer/Cider or Soft Drink if a cocktail doesn’t tickle your fancy.

  • A Knockout Round

The best players of the day will be selected after your 2 rounds and they will be put into a Lane and go head to head to decide who will take the title of "BOWLING CHAMPION" and finally settle the debate that has raged on in the office of who exactly is the best of them all. (This adds an extra dynamic to the game creating a little bit of competition between team members and we find it is fantastic for creating a sense of camaraderie as everyone watches on and cheers their fellow colleagues)

  • Certificates for Best Team & Best Player

Once the final games are done Certificates along with a small gift will be given to the winner of the knockout round and best team of the day. You can also add your own prize to be given to the winners should you wish, perhaps even announcing the prize before the game starts. (You could do something like “A Day Off Work” or maybe “Half Day on Friday” for the best player or a gift voucher should you so wish)

  • Game Voucher for Best Overall Player

We will also award the best overall player with a Free Bowling Game Voucher so they can come back and prove that it wasn't just all luck, but it was actually their destiny to become the greatest bowler of all time!

Pizza Menu

Want to feed your ravenous employees while they establish dominance on the lanes? Then look at our delicious pizza menu to spice up your corporate function.

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