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The Beyond Bowling Champion Competition Rules & Conditions

  1. The Bowling Champion "Free Daily Game" can only be claimed once a day

    • If you are crowned the bowling champion you are entitled to one free bowling game a day​

    • The bowling champion is entitled to one free game a day for as long as he/she is the reigning champion

    • If the current high score is beaten, a new champion will be decided with immediate affect and the old champion will no longer be entitled to one free game a day.

    • The daily free game does not stack and any days missed as Reigning Champion cannot be claimed at a later stage. So for example, if you were crowned champion on Monday and only revisit the venue on Friday, you cannot claim multiple free games for the days you missed.

  2. The competition resets on the 1st of every month.

    • On the 1st of every month the title will vacate and a new champion will be decided

    • A new champion will be decided at the end of the day according to who scored the highest that day​​​

  3. A new champion can be decided at any time.

    • If a new champion is crowned an announcement will be made on Instagram​

    • If someone beats the current high score then that person will immediately be crowned the new champion

  4. Games played with bumper rails will strictly not count towards the competition.

  5. Only scores claimed on the day at the time of playing will be allowed ​​

    • No old scores will be allowed or any scores not brought to the attention of the front desk on the day of playing and as such will not count towards the competition​

  6. No cheating or modified games

    • Any methods used outside the rule set of Ten-Pin Bowling will strictly not be allowed and as a result your score will not count towards the competition ​

    • If a score is modified in any way due to a technical or mechanical error it will be up to the management of Beyond Bowling to determine if the modification is within the realms of the game and the player is not considered to have benefited unfairly

  7. Beyond Bowling Management has final say

    • The management team at Beyond Bowling reserves the right to make any final decisions pertaining to any applications made towards the competition and as such will act as the judge and have the final say in any stipulations, claims or discrepancies made

    • The management team at Beyond Bowling reserves the right to accept or disallow an entries made to the competition as they deem fit.

  8. Beyond Bowling reserves the right to make any changes to the rules of the competition at any time and as such reserves the right to stop the competition at any point in time.

If you have any more questions or would like to find out more information regarding the competition, please contact us on the details below.

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